Friday, May 30, 2008

Chilling @ TCC

Lazed away a saturday afternoon with my girlfriend at a The Coffee Connoisseur (TCC) cafe. I favoured this particular outlet cos of its cosy settings and unique wall paintings which changes everytime I goes there. Shouldn't give away its location lest i find no space for msyelf next time. =D

We ordered 2 drinks upon reaching:

Green Apple Twist ($6.20)

This wasn't really to our liking. The vanilla taste was abit too strong and little apple flavour was present. When I commented this to the waiter, he gave me a small cup of apple syrup to remedy it, but it didn't help much as it made the drink tasted more artificial.

Cocoa Sunrise ($6.80)

A new introduction to their menu. The blend of mocha with orange hitted off surprisingly well, every sip of the coffee was refreshing with an orange-ly aftertaste. There are slices of real orange for you to chew on too.

We stayed around for a rather long time and soon it was evening already, so we decided to have dinner here as well.

Salmon & Prawn Linguine ($15.80)

Very nicely done mushroom-and-cream-based pasta. Linguine was al dente with generous portions of smoked salmon and crunchy prawns. Appreciated the slices of cheese, different from the powder type you usually get in Pastamania.

Surf-In Fantasia ($10.50)

A delicious lightly-battered snow fish half sandwich with greens and nachos. The layer of sweet raisin sauce complements well, reducing the heavy feeling of the snow fish. For its price, I tink its rather valued-for-money given its portion size and quality. A great snack or dinner for the light eaters.

Bill for two was $39.35 after a 15% discount from Citibank credit card. Great food and ambience, will be back to try more of their other items on the food menu.

Lesson learnt: If a place specialises in coffee, you jolly well sticks with it.
Friday, May 30, 2008


Hi to anyone who stumbles upon this blog!

I'm an avid eater who loves to take photos of food. I have been comtemplating on starting a food blog, and took the longest of time(procrastination la) to begin one.

The posts here don't really serve as reviews, but more of personal recounts on my gastronomic journey, and a site to direct my friends to when they ask me for restaurant recommendations.

Feel free to leave any comments and do share with me any good food as I'm on a constant lookout for new haunts. Hope you enjoy your stay!

Daniel Hung
30 May 2008