Saturday, November 29, 2008

Beach Road Prawn Mee: Fantastic Soup!

I went out with my mom's friend for lunch again and she brought us to this well-known prawn mee store at the junction of Still Road and East Coast Road. They used to have only one shopfront until business was so good that they took down the adjorning space too!

Prawn Mee with Pig Tail ($5.50)

I'm not an expert on prawn mee, but the soup here was a clear winner! Light brown in colour with floating red pigments, the rich flavour of prawn bursts in your mouth and left a slight sweet aftertaste. Who knows how many prawns were sacrificed in the making of the soup!

The topped self-made scallions were crispy and delicious to chew, while the prawn was fresh with its shell coming off easily. The pig tail was also cooked to tenderness with a melt-in-your-mouth skin.

Pity there's only one prawn in each bowl of mixed noodles. But I think the soup is enough to make one coming back for more. Maybe should try the jumbo prawn mee someday!
Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wen Hua: Good Mee Pok!

I was early for my driving lesson the other day (Note: Just passed yesterday!) so I took a walk at the blocks around Ubi Avenue 1 looking for breakfast. While still undecided on what to eat, I passed by a rustic coffeeshop and there was this delicious smell of dried chilli in the air. I turned around and saw this small store selling mee pok and glancing at the nearby tables, almost every one had a bowl of mee pok on it! So i followed my instinct and ordered a bowl too!

Mee Pok Dried ($2.50)

Wasn't disappointed! The noodles was al dente (sounds abit wierd when used on chinese food eh?) and not too dried, with the chilli sauce which I suspected to be homemade, blended in with some vinegar and hints of lard.

The $2.50 portion came with much ingredient, with 3 fishballs, a meatball, some fishcake and lean meat slices. The amount of noodles were abit little, though I found it just nice for breakfast.

Anyone living in the area tried this too?
Monday, November 24, 2008

Tampines Blk 802: Good Hokkien Mee!

Sometimes I will stay over at my friend's house in Tampines, and there's this 24hr coffeeshop near his block that cures our stomach around the clock, particularly its mouth-watering hokkien mee store.

Fried Carrot Cake ($3/$4/$5)

Nowadays you don't really see vendors steaming their own carrot cakes, but this one still do! The result was a fantastic plate of carrot cake that is wonderfully soft. The $3 portion came generously with two prawns and they ain't going light on the chai po either, giving it a savoury crunch in every bite. The skill of the uncle was good too with the cake slightly charred and the eggs a wee-bit runny. Nice!

Fried Hokkien Mee ($3/$5/$8)

The noodles were deliciously gooey and can tell that the stock used was one that had alot of effort in it. Fried with a mix of prawns, sotong and egg, its a real killer when eaten with lime juice and chilli sauce. I dare say that its comparable to many of the famous ones out there!

The oyster ommelette was rather good too but i was too full to order a plate that day. The place is packed during dinnertime and you could wait up to 30mins for the hokkien mee. Somehow the store doesnt have any sort of tv/magazine recommendations pasted on walls, maybe they are a hidden gem all these years? People living close by, do look out for this!
Monday, November 24, 2008

Macdonalds: Mega Mac!

I remembered telling you all before how I used to be a huge fan of Macdonalds' Big Mac. So when they rolled out Mega Mac, I couldn't resist the temptation to see if it still had that old-school feel for me.

Mega Mac ($7.90 for extra value meal)

Well, Yes and No. Yes it did bring back the nostalgic secondary schoolboy feel, when I couldn't get sick of big mac. Just that now its upsized with 2 times the patties and gives u that "yes-i-can-bit-the-whole-burger-in-one-mouth!" satisfaction.

But no, its no longer attractive to me. The patties are awefully dry and leaves u thristy after some time (well that happens all the time actually). The sauce remained unchanged, even the quantity too, which made the burger even drier. At least they bothered to put a lot of vegetables in mine.

Craving and curiousity satisfied! On to Burger King Quad Pounder next! I saw that it got a good review from Sunday Times!
Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rendezvous Restaurant: Gourmet Nasi Padang?

ORD lo! I'm finally over and done with NS! However, that also means I have no more income to finance my food-hunting and need a job real soon. Before that, just let me relax and enjoy awhile as a civilian.

I heard about this long-time Nasi Padang Cafe in Hotel Rendezvous which was reputated for their spread of Nasi Padang. My mom's friend who happened to be an Indonesian, knew about it too and thus brought us there for a weekday lunch.

The ambience was very old-time cafe with marble top tables and wooden chairs. You have to pick your choice of ingredients at the counter before settling down. I arrived quite early but soon the lunch crowd started to fill the place.

Beef Rendang

One of the favourite items on the menu. The rendang sauce was not too spicy but chokeful of flavour, very appetising and goes well with rice. The beef was also simmered to tenderness with a well balance of tendon and lean meat.

Chicken Rendang, Curry Chicken

The chicken was not particuarly outstanding, with your usual choice of thigh or breast meat. The curry sauce failed to stand out too.

Sotong Rendang

The sotong was at least cooked to decency with a tender chew and not too rubbery. Although the rendang sauce was the same throughtout, it complemented every dish well. That's my primary purpose for visiting after all!

Potato Ball

Each piece was about the size of a child's fist. The potatao was nicely mashed with some solid bits to nibble on. They added some minced chicken into it for additional texture. My mom's friend said the real lavish versions had shrimps or minced beef in them! Mmmmmm...

Brinjal with Chilli

Just a normal homecook dish with their in-house chilli sauce. Nothing to rave about, except that it wasn't overcooked and remained a firm texture.

Mixed vegetables of the day

For more types of vegetables, you can choose this one which came in green curry sauce. Sweeter and even less spicy, it was a nice change from the rendang sauce.

Also, we had two of their speciality Chendol which was very suited to my mom's flavour, as it had heavy dosage of coconut milk and sugar. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of it!

Total bill for 4 was a whooping 80plus after 15% OUB credit card discount. Personally i felt that though the quality was good, it was definitely not worth the money. Most items (except the vegetables) were priced at per piece, which resulted in a portion of beef ($3.90) and chicken ($7.80) Rendang multiplied by 4. Maybe it's due to the location and reputation that it was priced such way. Overpriced? Overated? Or justified? It's your call!
Sunday, November 09, 2008

Wild Rocket: Fusion!

I don't think this place needs much introduction. Located at Hangout@Emily, Wild Rocket had been featured on many newspapers, magazines and blogs for its innovation in fusion food. I tried to make reservations twice before but was told it was fully booked. Unwilling to be disappointed a third time, I called a full week beforehand for my girlfriend's birthday.

The restaurant was quite small, explaining for its frequent full status. The ambience was rather casual-romantic, with jazz music playing in the background, candles and fresh sunflower on each table. The menu was rather limited but I guessed they were going for quality, while the waitress was attentive to your needs and friendly to make appropriate recommendations.

Compliementry Bread

Somehow these at restaurants had never failed me before. The bread here was warmly toasted and had a sponge cake-like texture. Lightly flavoured and came with olive oil dip, they even bothered to ask if you wanted a refill when they saw the plate empty.

Roasted Pumpkin & Feta Salad ($11.50)

The warm pumpkin slices were served on top of greens with baby tomatos and feta cheese cubes. Light, a little sweet and appetising, it made a good start for the dinner.

Roasted Seabass with Chai Po Congee ($32.50)

The large portion of seabass was on a bed of sticky congee and topped with chinese chai po. The fish was fresh and nicely roasted, while the chai po added on a sweet savoury flavour. The congee wasn't plain and good enough to be eaten on its own. Roasted fish porridge with chai po, or chee kweh with fish? Whatever it feels like, its a fusion well done!

Duck Leg Confit with Yam Cake ($28.50)

The duck leg was nicely presented and drizzled with a certain sweet-tasting sauce. The meat was so tender that a slight pull will seperate it from the bone. The yam cake tasted exactly like the deep fried types in cantonese dim sum. Deliciously-marinated and moist, the meat goes well with the relatively plain yam cake. Very nice!

Yam Mille-Feuille with Coconut Ice Cream ($9.50)
Dark Lava Chocolate Gateau with Caramelised Banana ($10.50)

The fusion version of teochew Orh Nee was tasty with a layer of crispy pastry and coconut ice cream. And I couldn't resist the warm smooth chocolate lava as well. The portions were not too big and left me satisfyingly full. A sweet ending to the meal!

Total bill for two was $108.90 after taxes, a price that I gladly paid for ambience, presentation and great taste. A little inaccessible, but could take a nice walk down to Douby Ghaut after dinner. A different cuisine altogther!
Monday, November 03, 2008

Northern Thai: Best Tom Yum Yet!

I'm not usually a big fan of tom yum soup. Had before a few good ones, but most were just plain spicy and sour with no fragrance, worse still some left you thirsty with too much MSG. Not exactly spectacular and my choice of soup.

Well, funny how one's opinion can change when you have tasted a difference. At the junction of Kitchener and Tyrwhitt Road is a small coffeeshop named Northern Thai, which in my opinion, served the best tom yum i had!

Tom Yum, in seafood, fresh/fried fish slices or both ($4.00)

Different from the usual clear soup, this one was a yellowish white. I did a little research and found that there's a version called tom yum nam khon , where coconut milk is added to the broth. This might just be the one.

The soup was served pipping hot and had that waft of lemongrass in the air. One mouthful and the flavours just exploded. The initial reaction was the intense sour flavour, follewed by the very very fiery spiceness. Once that is gone, you are left with a sweet aftertaste. Woohoo! Very appetising and made you crave for more!

Pineapple Rice (~$1.00)

Actually, plain rice already goes very well with the soup, but if you want something more, the pineapple rice is a good choice too. The grains were fluffy and well flavoured with pineapple with bits of raisin, pineapples and ham in it. This might not be complete without the pork floss and served in a pineapple, but at this price, will do for me.

Fried Tang Hoon ($4.00)

Another of the must-try dish! Many places served this but they rarely got it right. Fried upon order, each strand was darkly translucent where the sauce was evenly spread among the tang hoon. Ingredients included prawns, vegetables and eggs. It was full of "wok-hei" and very well-flavoured. Thumbs up!

Lemon Chilli Fillet ($6.00)

If you couldn't get enough of the fish in the soup, you could have extra orders of an entire fried fish or fish fillets in lemon chilli or thai chilli sauce. The quality were of the same as those in the soup, while being thicker cuts. Not too outstanding but still acceptable.

I had never been to Thailand before, but judging from it being the only store which I had seen cream-white tom yum, I concluded that this isn't the most authentic tom yum around. But every one has different taste, and this one suits me best!

Do take note: it has a very popular lunch crowd and closes at 5 plus daily. Not open on Sundays too. Give the different tom yum a try!