Friday, June 28, 2013

Charlie & Co: Gourmet Burgers, Not Quite

I'm always on the lookout for an awesome burger, like those drool-worthy ones on Man Versus Food. Sadly, I haven't meet one in Singapore that's close to what I have imagined it to be. I thought I saw a glimpse of hope when Charlie and Co turn up but well, didn't quite happen.

Located at the Ion Orchard Food Hall, the gourmet burger joint from Down Under was pretty empty even as the other food places were way packed. A simple newspaper-styled menu, order at the counter, grab a number stand and wait for your stuff to be delivered to you.

Onion Rings ($7.00), Lemon Crush ($4.00)

Paired with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, I thought there was too much flour coating for the rings. And at this price, I would probably be better off with double portion from Carl's Junior. The fizzy lemonade, by the way, wasn't very exciting too.

All Day Charlie Breakfast Burger ($14.00), South American Burger ($15.00)

For those still craving for all day breakfast, this one might suit you well with bacon strips, cheese and sunny side up, though yet again, there wasn't much of a wow factor. The other one, essentially a Australian Wagyu patty with caramelized onions was actually a tad dry beneath the layer of sauce.

Bill for two was $40.00 with no surcharges. Sharing only one side and a drink, I thought it was pretty pricey and quality wasn't quite worth what we paid for. Oh well, the search continues then.

Charlie & Co
B4, Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn
Tel: 6509 9511

Taken with iPhone 5
Thursday, June 20, 2013

Notice: Of Shanghai, Reservist and Haze

Photo taken by Weiliang at 朱家角

If you have been wondering about the stagnancy of updates, that's because I have just came back from a very belated graduation trip with my buddies last week, been on reservist training this week, and am down with an awful cough since last week that has gotten worse with the record-breaking haze.

And yes, I was in Shanghai yet again. Update soon hopefully!
Friday, June 07, 2013

家有好面: Good Noodles Indeed

There are plenty of places to get a good bowl of noodles in Shanghai, each having their own signature dishes and followers, much akin to celebrity-status ramen in Japan I suppose. While walking past the 家有好面 outlets a couple of times, we always see them packed with people with constant queues outside. So we saved one lunch session for the place to see how good it could get.

Located on the third floor of the newly renovated 第一食品 building, the outlet was rather small in capacity being one of the few mini restaurants on the same level. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait too long for a table for two, with our food being served promptly as well.

黄鱼春卷 (RMB12 ~ SGD2.40)

As their signature snack, one could only imagine how much effort goes into each of these spring rolls; Despite being a very bone-y specie, the yellow fish's delicate texture and rich flavour is much sought after, as the meat was carefully deboned and made into spring rolls. Definitely thumbs up.

葱油拌面 (RMB23 ~ SGD4.60)

A staple noodle of the Shanghainese and also the easiest way to judge a noodle house's standard, the variant here was pretty good with al-dente noodles tossed in a savoury mix of dried shrimps, spring onions and lard. The accompanying bowl of diced beancurd in sweet sauce was appetizing as well.

腌笃鲜面 (RMB25 ~ SGD5.00)

Never mind if you can't read or pronounce the words (Its Yan1 Du2 Xian1 anyway), I knew I had to try this the moment I saw it on the menu. 腌笃鲜 is another traditional Shanghainese Soup in which fresh/cured pork bellies are boiled together, resulting in a rich, savoury broth that is absolutely lip-smacking. While the version here wasn't as rich as my family would have made it, it was still commendable and made a hearty noodle dish on a cold day.

At less than SGD15 for two person, 家有好面 makes an excellent place to be introduced to quality noodles paired with Shanghainese-styled toppings. Surely worth a visit, winter or not!

家有好面 (南京东路店)
Tel: +86 21 63336577
Directions: Plenty of branches around, the one I went was conveniently located at Nanjing East Road. Google for the one nearest to you!

Taken with Nikon D70