Monday, March 10, 2014

The Dining Room: Around The World in One Menu

This is an invited session

Ever fret organising an outing with everyone wanting to eat different cuisine? Well there's the buffet solution, but its not every day that you would want to go on a eating spree. Sheraton Towers Singapore's The Dining Room might have just the right menu with their new Taste of The World series.

It has been a couple of years since I visited the hotel that's minutes away from Newton train station, and my first time at the spacious lobby restaurant. Honestly, I haven't notice the man-made waterfall before and thought that its pretty zen to look at. Adding on to The Dining Room's ala carte menu, Executive Chef Nobu has recreated signature dishes from 12 countries, giving diners plenty to choose from. We managed to sample 6 of the dishes last week while taking shots of the rest, a pity as some of them looked really promising.

ABC (Apple Beetroot Carrot) Juice

Fancy a fruit juice to start the meal? the ABC juice (not your ABC soup at hawkers, really) cooled me down nicely with the aftertaste somehow reminding me of dragonfruit.

Vietnamese Goi Cuon ($14.00)

Had my fill of fresh spring rolls while in HCMC, the variant here included ripe mango slices which made the starter sweeter and more refreshing.

Xing Hua Bee Hoon ($31.00), US Chicken Fajita ($32.00)

Served with plump oysters and prawns, the chinese rice vermicelli was too watery for my preference. While I have developed a liking for wraps and rolls lately, the Meixican American creation was a tad dry even though it came with plenty of dips.

German Eisbein ($45.00), Korean Dolsot Bibimbap ($31.00)

First boiled then oven baked, the pork knuckle had tender lean meat and was less greasy than the usual, though the skin wasn't as crunchy by the time we dig in. And yes, the picture shows actual serving portion so it might be a good idea to share. The Korean rice was the only vegetarian creation, mixed with homemade chilli paste that brought out the flavours of the dish.

French Confit de Canard ($31.00)

The french creation was pretty good too, with tender meat beneath the layer of moist skin and nicely paired with braised red cabbage. Again, you get two full drumsticks for each order so another one that could be shared.

And the following dishes that we didn't try:

Hungarian Goulash ($31.00), British Fish and Chips ($31.00)

Pasta with the ground beef stew, and the classic Brit dish using cod fish fillet.

Russian Borscht ($31.00), Phat Thai ($26.00)

Beef stew with mandatory sour cream, and the thai noodles that looked well wok-fried and inviting with scallops.

Irish Mutton Stew ($31.00), Spanish Paella ($46.00)

The first was braised with Irish Stout, of course, and the other huge pan (meant for two) looked really tempting with beautifully coloured safforn rice and myriad of seafood and meat.

Cheng Teng

Ending on a sweet note, the warm chinese dessert was chokeful of ingredients and cleansed our palate nicely.

While there were hits and misses and some being served cold by the time we were done with photos, I appreciated how Chef Nobu tries his best to reach out to everyone, which I thought was particularly important in a hotel with international travellers. Feel like having Paella while your friends want pork knuckle? Got them right here!

The Dining Room
Level 1, Sheraton Towers Hotel, 39 Scotts Road
Tel: 68395621

Special Thanks to Zareen, Tracy and Cheryl of Sheraton Towers Singapore for the invite!

Taken with Nikon D7100


GNineThree said...

Nice peektures!! :)) And that French Confit looks freakin awesomeeee.

Daniel said...

Hello and thanks! =) haha yup the duck confit was really quite good!