Wednesday, September 24, 2014

阜杭豆浆: The Taipei Breakfast

I'm pretty comfortable with traditional breakfast in Taipei, much of the 大餅豆漿油條 stuff are close to my Shanghainese roots. 阜杭豆浆 (pronounced as fu3 hang2) in 華山市場 is one such hot place for tourists and locals alike, with the queue stretching for hours and selling out before noon time. No idea how the other stores in the food court survive, as 90% of visitors seem to be here solely for them.

Was the wait worthwhile? Definitely, in my opinion. Fragrant soy bean milk, fresh crunchy 油條s, thick fills-you-up 厚烧饼 (oh that shiok fluffy omelette in it) and my childhood savoury snack of 咸豆浆 (think tau hway but salted with preserved cucumbers). On the second trip, E and I also discovered their darn awesome 焦糖甜饼 that had caramel-like gravy flowing out when torn apart. Oh yes, prices are uber wallet friendly with most items below S$1.

Come early, come hungry.

Always theurapatic to watch open kitchen at work.

Good morning Taipei.

100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District
Phone:+886 2 2392 2175
Nearest Subway Station: 善道寺

Taken with Nikon D7100